Knitted accessories are one of the main parts of Red Zeroes collection. Quality, design and comfortable wearing, which are our priorities while developing accessory line, and our competitive market prices made it possible to make the accessory collection a separate line of business for Red Zeroes project. Our hats, scarfs and other garments are not only designed to match Red Zeroes outdoor clothes collection, but could be also combined with each other in many different ways and would guarantee the best mood for your child while playing outside. All details are important, each smile is priceless. Our goal is to make your life a little more enjoyable every day.

The last but not least, in order to provide a maximum comfort and avoid allergic reactions we use the highest quality natural cotton yarn in the production of the demi collection.


Зимняя одежда

О нас

We designed Red Zeroes as fun, but practical clothes that are built to last. By using the most advanced materials currently available, innovative design and construction we created a brand that will give your child exceptional freedom of motion, warmth, comfort, and safety.

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